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There are many activites to enjoy in Sedona, biking, hiking, golfing, hot air ballooning off roading and of course photography. I have built a website detailing all there is to do in this beautiful town.

Off Roading in Sedona
Off Roading in Sedona

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Golfing in Sedona
The closest golfing to Sedona is in the Village of Oak Creek which is about 7 miles south of Sedona along a beautiful new highway. This is an easy and picturesque drive along Highway 179 with views on both sides.

Biking in Sedona
There are several types of biking terrains in Sedona that can make it the most enjoyable ways to see this town for the adventurist. With plenty of trails off the main highways there are many quiet and tranquil spots to stop and take in the beauty of this place.

Hiking in Sedona
Those of you who are fit or somewhat fit will enjoy the the more challenging hiking trails in Sedona. There are also plenty of day hikes in Sedona you can take along many of the well marked trails. Hikes that are rated for kids, and there are ones where you can take your dog.

Camping in Sedona
Camping in Sedona is among the most beautiful that I have seen in Arizona. It rivals only the Grand Canyon in its visual beauty. The majestic red rocks are something to behold and enjoy as you sip your morning coffee or go on a day hike from your camp site.

River Rafting, Hiking

List of Wineries Near Sedona

Bird Watching in Sedona
Bird watching is one of the most wonderful and relaxing activities in Sedona.

Out of Africa Wildlife Park
This a must do when you are visiting Sedona. It is about a 45 minutes outside of Sedona and is well worth the drive.

Off Roading in Sedona
Off roading in Sedona is a lot of fun. This is an activity I have done driving a Hummer which rock's and roll's over the uneven trails. It can be done in a car but an all terrain vehicle is much more fun and less stress on your body

First Class Charter & Tours
See Sedona with your own private tour guide. They also of tours of the Grand Canyon and Norhtern Arizona.

Shopping in Sedona
There are plenty of stores in uptown Sedona where tourists do most of their shopping and at Tlaquerpaque which has quaint courtyards, restaurants and entertainment

Galleries in Sedona
Attached is a list of 10 galleries in Sedona.

Sedona by Air
Another wonderful way to see Sedona is by air which you can do by helicopter, biplane or hot air ballooning.

Horse Back Riding
Yet another way to see the terrain and sights of Sedona is by riding a horse.

Sightseeing in Sedona
There is plenty of sightseeing in Sedona. There is the Chapel of The Holy Cross, Palatkti Ruins, Tlaquepaque to name a few.

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